No subscription fees.
No paywalls.
No catches.

Because the best fundraising technology should be within
reach for charities of every size.


JustMove Virtual Race only
  • Setup Fees
    $350.00 USD
  • Platform Fees
    $3.50 to $5.50 USD
  • Virtual Race
    Realtime or Flextime
  • Audio Experience
  • Race Platform
    Full Access
  • Interactive TV
  • Time integration
    48 H

Marketing +

GOOGLE $10 000 FREE ADS per month
  • $349 usd per month
  • Grant Application Guaranteed*
  • Initial account set-up or existing account optimization
  • Initial conversion goals set up
  • Keyword Research and Account Expansion
  • Unlimited Ads for Regional Campaigns
  • Monthly Performance Report
  • Google Analytics Report

Built to grow and scale with
you and your community

Take your fundraising further with add-ons. Use JustMove to drive powerful marketing automation campaigns, and manage all your supporters with deeply integrated CRM tools.


Everything in fundraising, but grow your campaigns with the ability to send automatic and blast emails and SMS messages, triggered automatically at just the right time.

  • Automatically triggered emails
  • Onboarding journeys
  • Bulk email and SMS messages
  • Open, click + bounce reports
  • Custom sending domains
  • Custom email templates


Manage your supporters, fundraisers, and donors from within platform. Create live segments, add tags, write notes, and record advocacy actions.

Free for up to 2,000 records.

  • Tags
  • Live segments
  • Notes, call logs + custom interactions
  • Import people
  • Bulk edits
  • One-on-one on-boarding

Start taking donations with
direct payments to your bank.

JustMove seamlessly integrates, which you can set up in minutes.
You can also connect PayPal to take donations with One Touch payments.

Secure Donations

Secure Donations

Stripe’s tokenized credit card processing provides modern, compliant security

Seamless Management

Seamless Management

Transaction details are easy to search, and refunds are just a click away.

Easy Reconcilation

Easy Reconcilation

Choose from daily, weekly, or ad-hoc transfers, with matching transaction records.

Questions & Answers

What are payment processing vs. platform fees?

It’s important to understand that payment processing fees are different from platform fees.


A platform fee is the cost JustMove applies to our world-class functionality and service. Processing fees are costs associated with third-party payment processors and are not set by JustMove.

While JustMove charge a unique platform fee to charities using our system associated with Stripe, payment processing partners charge a standard processing fee (2.2% + $.30 per transaction). This allows for secure credit card processing, safe transfer of funds and accurate, automated receipting for tax purposes.

These payment processing fees are applied to the donation total. For example, if someone were to donate $100 through JustMove Charity, the payment processing fee would come to $2.50 (2.2% of the total plus $0.30).

What is tipping and how does it work?

Making our enterprise-grade fundraising platform low of cost and platform fees is part of the JustMove commitment to empower organizations and make the best fundraising technology available to all charities, regardless of size, stage, or operating budget.

Contributions from generous donors allow us to keep JustMove low of cost for nonprofit organizations. Donors are able to leave a voluntary tip when they contribute to an organization on JustMove Charity, and these tips allow us to maintain our platform, invest in building the most innovative fundraising technology, provide round-the-clock support and deliver world-class service (so you can focus on your mission).

To operate, we simply ask donors to add a small processing fee to their donation. If a donor opts out, nothing is charged.

Custom pricing for
large organisations

Raising over $500k annually? Get in touch to chat through how partnering with JustMove will help you grow.

We can offer custom pricing, dedicated account management, priority support, campaign setup,
and one-on-one staff training.