Bring your supporters together to raise money with events on JustMove.
Use our all-in-one platform to give supporters a great experience from registration to event day.

One home for event registrations, fundraising
and event logistics

Create event websites that everyone will love. JustMove’s event templates are easy to use and come packed with event registration forms, a fundraiser dashboard, fundraising pages, and leaderboards. You just need to bring the crowd.

Simple registration

Supporters can register for your event and create a fundraising page all at once. Use custom fields to ask for the info you need, or take it up a notch with dynamic pricing and promo codes.

Doing something different? Custom registration forms mean it’s easy to support unique events or special requirements with a purpose-built form.

Dashboards for event participants

Every JustMove event template comes with a dashboard: the hub for your participants to find out more about the event and raise money for your cause. Easily add fundraising tips, maps, training programs, and other resources to keep your supporters informed and up-to-date.

Make your campaign competitive with badges, leaderboards, and rewards based on each participant’s progress.

Integrate with JustMove app

Ask participants to connect their JustMove accounts and track their progress. Show off how far your participants have gone with their goals and exercise totals. Let them log fitness activities manually so their sponsors can follow their progress.

Got teams? Show how epic they are by displaying the cumulative distance their members have achieved on their team page.

Leaderboards and rankings

Motivate fundraisers with leaderboards and rankings. Create custom leaderboards per event, team, company, age group, or any other group relevant to your event.

Show a fundraiser’s ranking on their dashboard, and offer rewards based on their standing in the campaign.

Easy registration management

Keep things organised with registration and fundraising information in one place. Find registrants, organise them with tags, and export them to a spreadsheet. Make quick changes to names, emails, and registration details.

Organise your event with notes, internal custom fields, and automatic emails to nurture participants every step of the way.

Run your next virtual race
with JustMove

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