We developed a web-based solution with a mobile application to allow charities
to organize virtual races around the world to raise funds to support their cause.

Unique Technology

Benefit from unique features

The JustMove technology is unique. When organizing a virtual race with JustMove, the platform synchronizes in real-time all participants, no matter where they are in the world, and uses artificial intelligence voice commands to motivate and comment on the race.

JustMove can also connect with smart watches and provide participants with race results including detailed statistics.

Anti-cheating system
Audio experience

Anti-cheating system

An AI-powered anti-cheating system will activate should a runner try to cheat by using a vehicle or bicycle (in the case only walking or running are allowed).

Speech using AI technologies

JustMove offers organizers an online recording studio that allows them to record music, audio and voice messages to give participants an emotional virtual racing experience. Also, while running, participants will hear their position in the race, their completed distance, as well as who is behind or ahead of them.

Interactive map

JustMove TV

Every participant has access to their own interactive map via JustMove TV to follow the progress of their adventure. They can also follow the progress of their friends!

Choose the format of
your virtual race

Real-time race

A real-time race starts at a precise universal time and anyone can participate from anywhere in the world. The JustMove app tracks the distance accurately using GPS and other on-board sensors within the smartphone. Runners are connected to the real-time race through the internet via the cellular network.

It’s as if all participants are actually at the same location, as for a real marathon.

Flextime race

When participating in a flextime race, the participant has the freedom to partake in a virtual race according to his / her schedule, from anywhere in the world, over a period of time and doesn’t require an internet or data connection. However, connectivity to the internet provides a simulated experience, comparing your speed to the positions of other runners who have participated before.

JustMove challenges

The JustMove challenges are thrilling. Participants must accumulate kilometers of distance or elevation to complete their challenge. As soon as a participant registers, he / she starts accumulating kilometers through activities such as running, walking and cycling to move forward along the path of the expedition.

Results and Rewards


Real-time rankings, accumulated distance and time spent on expeditions will all be available via the JustMove TV as well. All participants will be able to see where they rank according to country, age group, gender and more.

Individually or as a team

To participate as a team, the participant can create a private group within the JustMove app and invite friends, family or groups to join and sign up for the challenge.

The kilometers of each participant of the same team are then cumulated. A real-time ranking is then available via the JustMove interactive map, allowing participants to see which team is catching up to them!


JustMove can help your organization create finisher medals to gift or sell to your participants if desired.

Advantages of
using JustMove

Our platform handles everything you need to organize a virtual race and maximize charity fundraising.
It can even handle fund processing, offering a complete solution.

Worldwide Participants

Worldwide Participants

Less costs and resources

Less costs and resources

Less work and volunteers

Less work and volunteers

No city permits

No city permits

No insurance

No insurance

No space limitation

No space limitation

Run Your Next Virtual Race
With JustMove.

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